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So a while ago spurred on by my dislike of Television Without Pity's recaps of the show I decided to have a go at writing a recap of Salvation. Real life intervened and I never managed to finish it but I did get about three quarters of the way through the episode. So I figured I may as well post what I'd written so far. Hope you enjoy it unfinished as it is:

Salvation recap )
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I know I usually only post fic recs on here but I thought I'd branch out a little bit. So I'm a huge fan of the website Television Without Pity and have probably spent more time on there
than I care to think about reading their recaps. So I was overjoyed when they picked up Supernatural part way through the season. Demian's recap of the Pilot episode was both hilarious
and snarky and I had high hopes that the rest of the episodes would be recapped in the same manner. My hopes were cruelly dashed however, when I started reading Drunken Bee's recaps.
She clearly hates the show and doesn't think that the boys can act for toffee. Reading her recaps is an excruciating experience. I thought I was the only one who felt this way until I read the
awesome post on Innie_Darlings journal. So I thought I'd have a go at writing a recap off my own starting with Dead Man's Blood.

Comments are gratefully appreciated - if people like it I might have a go at some of the other episodes - particularly Faith and Something Wicked - episodes which I really liked and which TWOP recapped terribly:

Dead Man's Blood )


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