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Not much decent House fic around at the moment. Seems to be two or three teenage girls churning out really poor stories and not much else. I blame Sela Ward - the past two episodes of House have been so poor it's no wonder the fan fic writers aren't feeling particularly inspired.

So I've heavily gotten into Firefly fics lately so here are some recs for you. These are new to me but owing to the age of the fandom have probably actually been kicking around for a while.

Whilst I mostly read slash that doesn't mean that I see it in every show I watch. It took me a while to see the slashy undertones in Firefly but once I did there was just no avoiding them. There is just something about pretty, prissy Simon and man ape gone wrong Jayne that works wonderfully well in the world of fan fiction.

Tetchy by Debchan

Jayne/Simon slash

Jayne and Simon in a series of escalating practical jokes. Features a very mischevious Jayne and a Simon with a backbone. Very funny and cute.

Lie Down by Ana Grrl

Jayne/Simon slash

A frustrated Simon propositions Jayne.Much more realistic than the normal fluffy Jayne/Simon stories with an almost disdainful Simon who just wants to lose himself in feeling if only for a short while.Told from Simon's point of view - although Jayne is well characterised.

Ritual by Pearl-O


I adore Summer Glau and Sean Maher and thought the Simon/River relationship was by far the most compelling on the show. In the series I saw it as nothing more than a pure relationship but in the realm of fic that has been turned into something far darker and more tragic.

Ritual is a beautifully written series of three drabbles showing River and Simon before the academy, on Serenity and one possible ending for them. River's desperate need to be normal, to have what everyone else has, even if that means sleeping with her brother is heartbreaking. By the time River is saying "Ten Fingers Ten Toes" you want to weep for her loss of innocence. Not an easy read but haunting nonetheless.

The Secret Chord by Juliet Torres


Another very sad Simon/River piece. The idea that River is on some level controlling her brother's mind is distinctly horrific and poor Simon's despair is palpable.

Eros and Agape by Tara LJC O'Shea

Simon/Kaylee Simon/River (Unrequited)

A jealous River ponders the differences between Simon's love for Kaylee and his love for her. Beautifully written

Logos by Te


A desperate River breaches the growing gap between Simon and herself the only way she knows how. Perfect creepy River voice.

Wounds From the Past - written by 14 different authors - For list see link

Jayne/Simon, Mal/Simon, Simon/Mal/Jayne

Novel length intricately plotted story featuring a surprisingly well written group dynamic between Mal/Jayne/Simon. Several of the scenes between our boys are as hot as hell! The remainder of the cast are fleshed out well with a particularly effective River voice and a nice plot twist concerning Shepherd Book. Only downside is that the story is overly reliant on sexual assault as a plot device. Simon is nearly raped by two different characters and Mal is raped by an ex-lover. Considering how impressive the rest of the story is the sexual assault element should have been dispensed with entirely.


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