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2009-08-17 04:52 pm

Le Cage Aux Folles Tickets

Hello lovely flist!

Due to a slight spot of over excitable buying I have duplicate tickets to some of John's Le Cage Aux Folles perfomances that I am trying to get rid of. All are great seats and £54 each. I can stick them on ebay and other ticket sites but life would be easier if I could offload them to LJ people.

The seats I have are:

14th September (JB's opening night) - 1 seat in Row C in the stalls.
Stalls are virtually sold out for the first night and evil touts are trying to flog tickets for extortionate amounts on ebay.

15th September - 2 centre seats in Row K in the stalls.
Whilst furthe back these are actually classed as premium seats by the theatre.

30th September - 2 centre seats in Row C in the stalls.

Seats can be sold separately if that makes life easier.

Comment if interested.
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2009-08-11 06:53 pm

(no subject)

I've done a very small flist tidy up. A lot were inactive journals but if you found yourself defriended don't take any offence, it's nothing personal. Either we've drifted apart or I felt that we were coming at things from a very different ideological standpoint (which I'm afraid is why those of you who were members of the Anti-Gwen Alliance have been de-friended. I don't like character bashing and whilst I'm all for people doing what makes them happy from a fannish viewpoint as long as they're not hurting anyone else I'm just not comfortable having people who belong to a comm which is currently debating what you would put on Gwen Cooper's tomb stone on my flist - I'm just clearly not the LJ friend you're looking for.)

No hard feelings.
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2009-07-05 09:18 pm

Torchwood Radio Plays

As I hadn't written about them here are my thoughts on the Torchwood radio plays which aired this week:

Asylum )

The Golden Age )

The Dead Line )
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2009-06-13 02:41 am
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Children of Earth - Day One

Lengthy synopsis and review of the episode under the cut:

Synopsis and review )

Review )
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2009-06-12 12:19 am
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Torchsong Pictures - Tom Price

Few pictures from the weekend - they're not great because of the lighting but here goes:

Tom Price )
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2009-04-13 02:44 am

Tonight's the Night - Show 4 - John Barrowman

In contrast to last week where the filming took nearly 4 hours this week's filming pretty much flew by - everything ran pretty smoothly and it felt like a very short show compared to previous weeks. It will be interesting to see how it comes together as it didn't feel like they had enough material for an episode based on what they filmed.

Episode 4 )
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2009-04-11 08:12 pm

Planet of the Dead

I really enjoyed that. )

So did anyone get the Tonight's the Night trailer which aired before it?
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2009-04-06 02:49 am

Tonights the Night - Show 3

God today was a very very long recording -lots and lots of second takes which lead to a recording which was just shy of 4 hours long.

Show 3 )
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2009-03-30 01:51 am

Tonights the Night - Show 2

Just got back from seeing the second show of Tonight's the Night.

Cut for spoilers )