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Just got back from seeing the pilot taping of Tonight's the Night earlier today.

I wasn't too sure what to expect. I'd read the press and listened to John's radio interviews but variety is a very difficult thing to do well and so I was a little wary especially as, despite how fond I am of John I have sometimes found his presenting style to be a little cheesy. Whilst shows like Animals at Work and The Kid's Are Alright were nice enough vehicles for John they didn't really showcase his talents all that well and I was concerned about whether Tonight's the Night would be any different.

I shouldn't have worried.

I thought it was superbly entertaining and it's a perfect vehicle for John. Apart from his actual concerts it was without a doubt the best thing I have ever seen him in.

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Thought as this is vaguely Torchwood related I would leave this open.

Went to see Oliver the Musical last night at Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

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Alas I am lacking a scanner but thought people might want pictures of Burn from the brochure. These are from the brochure (£5) not the programme which doesn't have much in it except a one page interview with Burn (he mentions he is appearing in Wuthering Heights for ITV and that his wife is expecting their second child). Brochure might change as it has the words "Exclusive Preview Edition" on the front. It's a very nice brochure though with two glossy pages of pictures of Burn (obviously you need to get the autograph yourself!):

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Rather late (after all the build up I’ve been fairly exhausted this week!) but for what it’s worth here’s my Hub report.

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These are perhaps a tad fuzzier than others people have posted but they weren't bad for my little camera.

Definitely not dial up friendly.

Feel free to link but no re-posting anywhere please.

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All filming with Eve on this night - first down at Fitzhammond Embankment and then back at the Plass. She worked for 8 hours straight in the freezing cold - she's a real trooper!

Some spoilers.

No re-posting please.

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Few pictures from filming - they're not brilliant as the conditions weren't great for photos (bad light, the actors being way too fidgety to stay in one place!).

Fairly spoilery depending on whether you're aware what Roald Dahl Plass looked like last week.

No re-posting please.

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These aren't the best quality but some of the facial expressions are great fun so here's a few little screencaps of John, Jodie and Daniel from the Faenol festival at the weekend:

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Flist cut

Jul. 6th, 2008 04:41 pm
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I've done a bit of a flist tidy up.

Nothing personal I assure you.

If you've been removed it's simply because either your journal is inactive, our interests are now divergent (that goes for most of the SPN folk) or ideologically I felt it was time for us to part.
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So after two weeks of insanity including 3 Barrowman concerts, a taping of I'd Do Anything and Sex, Wales and Anarchy last Sunday yesterday it was time for The Rift - the one day "Torchwood Gathering" organised by JM Live.

Whilst I had very mixed feelings about the event I did learn some very important things:

1. That Eve Myles is the sweetest, loveliest and most fan friendly actress I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. When I arrived at the event I didn't have any particular burning desire to meet her but by the end of the event I was completely in love. She's adorable.

2. That the character of Gwen is truly dismally written as none of Eve's wonderful personality manages to translate to the character.

3. That Kai Owen tells a mean joke, can really sing and it just absolutely awesome - especially when completely pissed.

4. That Gareth David Lloyd is almost unrecognisable as the mumbly nervous guy who first appeared at the Telford Expo. He can now work a crowd almost as well as Barrowman and he's very good at stepping up to the plate when he needs to to stop things going to hell.

5. That I would be extremely reluctant to pay for another Torchwood event organised by Steve Himber and the JM Live people again.

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