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Tad thowaway perhaps - not a great deal to analyse but a solid thoroughly entertaining hour of television.

So do you think Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts have watched Pitch Black per chance? Ha! The completely dead desert planet, the three suns, the design of the creatures, the sequence where the creatures were hiding on the ship - all completely and totally ripped from that film.

Michelle Ryan was irritating but then her character was meant to be. Acting wise - well all I can say is that she wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought she would be. The posh accent was good and she was suitably sparky - didn't have any real chemistry with David Tennant I didn't think but she was an engaging enough lead.

Loved Lee Evans - loved the accent, loved everything. I thought he was absolutely hilarious.

Thought the supporting characters were very very thinly drawn - really they didn't quite need to be there.

None of it was even remotely a stretch for David Tennant and I can understand why he wants to move on as there was a slight sense that he was treading water. But he does it so effortlessly now I think sometimes I underestimate just how good he is in the role.

Nice to get a Donna shout out instead of the obligatory Rose reference although I did prefer it when the foreshadowing was subtle (Bad Wolf, Saxon) and wasn't quite so anvilicious - even if the BBC weren't completely and totally rubbish at preventing spoilers getting out I think it would be fairly obvious who the "he" coming back is - Tennant is leaving - who else is he going to have his final battle with?

But all in all an enjoyable, light weight hour of telly.

So did anyone get the Tonight's the Night trailer which aired before it?
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